Golf is a beloved pastime that has been around since the 15th century. It is a game that involves using various clubs to hit a ball into a series of holes on a golf course. One of the most famous aspects of golf is the fact that there are 18 holes; however, few people know why this number was chosen and how it became so iconic. Let’s explore the historical significance of 18 holes in golf. LearnWhy Are There 18 Holes in Golf?


Why Are There 18 Holes in Golf?

The Origins of 18 Holes in Golf

The origins of 18 holes in golf can be traced back to Scotland, which is where the game first began. At first, there were five-hole courses, then seven-hole courses, and eventually eighteen-hole courses began to emerge. This was because players wanted an even number of holes so that they could play multiple rounds without having to stop or start over at any point.

The St Andrews Course

The course with the most influence on modern golf is called The Old Course at St Andrews in Scotland. This course has been around since 1764 and is widely considered to be one of the oldest courses in existence today. Its layout features eighteen holes and its design has become widely copied by other courses throughout the world. As such, this course played an important role in popularizing eighteen hole courses as we know them today.

The Impact on Modern Golf

Today, eighteen hole courses are still incredibly popular around the world and are seen as being an integral part of modern golf culture. They have become so popular that many tournaments require players to complete all eighteen holes for their score to be counted towards a win or loss. This has become such an important part of modern golf culture that it’s hard to imagine playing any other way!


At this point, it’s clear why there are 18 holes in golf—it started with The Old Course at St Andrews and became widely accepted as the standard thanks to its influence over modern courses around the world. Thanks to this influence, eighteen hole courses have become an integral part of modern golf culture and many tournaments now require players to complete all eighteen holes before their score can be counted towards a win or loss! So next time you hit up your local course with friends or family, take some time out between shots to appreciate how far this beloved sport has come since its inception centuries ago!

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